Marie Avenue – Lead Vocals

Marie is a Minnesota native with a plethora of musical influences and experience. Performing at weddings, funerals, church services and public appearances, it didn't take long to gain recognition as a skilled vocalist. Marie has been in the recording studio on many projects with various local artists and even appeared on local television. This power house vocalist is a must see.


Josephine Lane – Bass, Vocals

Josephine engineer by day and bassist by night. Multifaceted, multi-talented, an accomplished bass player who also writes her own music. She has played for many local bands including Sweet Pea and the Pods, Bare Bones, Pinch Flat, Rollin, Exceptions, Electra, Ann Girls, and Some Girls.




Bob Scoggin

Tommy Rademacher

George "Sundance Strip" Paulos

Sundance sharpened his axe performing nationwide with an astonishing variety of acts including the legendary 50’s Rock n’ Roll show Sha Na Na, the hard-driving Raven Wolf, the horn-driven Midnight Express,  modern pop masters The Underachivers,  and classic rockers The Generators.




Andre Robinson

Bill Mague

A native of New Orleans, Bill began piano lessons at 5, culminating in 11 years of classical piano study, including three years as New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA) a nationally recognized arts high school program. This curriculum included performance, composition and theory. He took up drums as soon as able, in 4th grade band. With both melodic and percussive skills in play, Bill played regularly in the school concert band, New Orleans City Band, as well as other individual concerts. He covered tympani, marimba/xylophone and other melodic instruments in these settings. In 7th grade, Bill formed a three-piece rock band that played throughout high school in various clubs around New Orleans, typically opening for other bands. We recorded a 45 record in 1981. Bill played through college in various settings including for a time with a 10-piece reggae band. After college, in the Twin Cities, Bill has played with The Power of 10, Michael James Band, the Prophets of Soul, Moses Oakland, and Jennifer Grimm. He also maintains two projects that are recording: The Slow Fall and Confunktion Junktion. Bill has played rock, blues, funk, New Orleans back beat, reggae and much in between.



Mick Zampogna

Started playing accordion at 10 years of age. Took piano lessons in junior high and high school. Played Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz since I was 15. Still learning and won't quit learning until they turn the lights off...